Aerial Media - We give you the vision: 



Flybridge, in collaboration with The Drone Company Productions.
We are dedicated to produce the highest standards in Aerial Cinematography. With a great team of professionals we are the missing link in any film production.

The remotely controlled drones can be used for aeral productions of hotels & resorts, tourist destinations, exhibitions, launch events, from corporate videos to TV or online video commercials. 

This, with a dedicated team working daily on new market developments, innovations and improvements for the demands of each one of our clients. You can make the difference.


  • Unique view of your property in a state-of-the art corporate video
  • Video of excursions, places of interest, cultural sites and entertainment
  • Promotional video for website use and video platforms like Youtube



Production Services :  


Specialized in low altitude aerial videography. The custom videography services feature a first-person perspective through the unmatched manoeuvrability of environmentally safe, professionally piloted, remote controlled multi-rotor helicopters.  

Our aerial drones are equipped with state-of-the-art, gyro-stabilized HD cameras. A real-time video downlink allows our clients to view the camera’s live POV (point of view) as it is being recorded and take part of the exciting experience, 

Our multi-rotor copters can provide you with unique moving visuals that full size aircraft cannot attain. We will tell your story by producing a one of a kind product specific to your goals, while showcasing your resources and assets with a fresh and dynamic style – offering that truly “cinematic” feel.  

We believe what we capture will be a perfect match for your promotional needs. 

Each assignment is different according to the briefing.  
Included in the Aerial Production: raw video images, fully finished HD corporate video, short video for online use and promotional 15seconds videos for promotion on video platforms likeYouTube. There is nothing quite as captivating as a beatiful cinematic aerial story. Providing epic, dynamic and perfectly orchestrated aerial video is our goal every time.