Designed by Hoteliers for Hoteliers

  1. Completely Web Enabled application.
  2. No client side installation is required, Clients just need a browser which comes default with Operating System.
  3. Single Installation on a Single Server, Access to chain of hotels.
  4. One time installation & easy maintenance.
  5. Permitted users can login from anywhere in the world.
  6. Optimized access control for local and global accounts according to their Designations & Roles.
  7. Exporting every report in  .PDF, excel and also in custom proprietary formats according to client requirements.
  8. Precise integration with accounts. Data automatically flows from all the modules into Finance & Control.
  9. Even while performing complex operations like running Night Audit, generating payroll etc, the simple Graphical User Interface(G.U.I) of the ERP makes the team work with peace of mind which leads to accurate results.
  10. System will not accept any wrong data type inputs into the fields or garbage values making a complete Fool Proof ERP.
  11. Dash board for every management role with visual representation of data in graphs and tables for quick reference.
  12. One stop Business Management Solution for hospitality industry which covers every single need of all departments.
  13. Least usage of Paper making this an Eco-Friendly Enterprise Resource Planning Application.
  14. Highly secured database and data is encrypted using secure algorithm.